HERO Water Wear wins ISPO Brandnew award in Apparel

Lifejacket Fashion: The Newest Category in Sports Apparel

You might not see them on New York runways, but lifejackets have recently gotten a fashion makeover that adds form to function. 

Hero Water Safety Wear has changed the game with their new line of lifejacket sports apparel. Bulky lifejackets transform into a slimmer, sleeker design without any loss of functionality.

Let’s look at the brand behind the mission and what their lifejackets mean for the water sports community.

The Hero Inflatable Rash Guard

Rash guard or life jacket? Actually, it’s both.

Using instant-inflate technology, the lifejacket is built inside a rash guard which the wearer can activate or deactivate as needed. A quick inflate pull string instantly inflates the lifejacket at a second’s notice, with a manual inflation tube as a fail safe. Wearers can also adjust the buoyancy of the lifejacket during activities where more floatation is needed.  

Hero can also fit lifejackets with an auto-inflate system that removes the manual step and instantly inflate when it’s most needed.

Their rash guard lifejackets come in varying sizes for kids and adults and are approved for all ages.

By having the lifejacket integrated into the shirt, you get free, unrestricted movement without compromising your safety. Plus, you can feel comfortable and have peace of mind that you’re protected.


About Hero Water Safety Wear

Hero Safety Wear has made it clear they aren’t just an apparel company - they’re behind a mission to make water sports safer for everyone.

Too often, people drown while participating in water sports or activities. Even experienced swimmers commonly forgo the use of lifejackets for a myriad of reasons: they feel they don’t need them. The lifejackets restrict movement or make it difficult to enjoy the water. Lifejackets aren’t known for their comfort, so users are eager to remove them as soon as possible - or forgo wearing one at all! 

Hero is seeking to fix the issues created by traditional lifejackets that will encourage more people to wear them when necessary. 

Their Inflatable Rash Guard earned them the top prize in ISPO Brandnew’s Apparel Category for 2019, beating seven other innovative apparel brands through thoughtful design, style, and functionality.

Their recognition from IPSO Brandnew is a major accolade. It’s the biggest platform for sporty startups worldwide, having searched and designated the most promising newcomers of the sports industry. Former award winners include GoPro, Naish Kites, Maloja, Nixon or On – some of the major brands that are shaping the market today.

Hero will also be exhibiting among 2,800 other brands in the startup village at ISPO Munich February 3-6 in Munich Germany. 

The Hero of Water Sports

With Hero’s advancement in water safety technology, clunky lifejackets may soon be a thing of the past.

Users wear traditional lifejackets over their bathing suit or wetsuit and adjust the straps to fit their bodies. Sizing is often an issue for some wearers, but movability poses a much larger problem.

Because lifejackets restrict movement and feel uncomfortable, many water sports enthusiasts make the dangerous mistake of not wearing them. As many as 3,536 people die in the United States each year from boating accidents alone. Accidents can happen to anyone, and safety should never be sacrificed for comfort. 

The Rash Guard Inflatable Lifejacket is much more than a foray into watersports fashion. It’s first and foremost a much-needed solution that can make water sports not only more enjoyable, but safer, too. 

Shop the Hero Water Wear collection here.

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