How do you inflate the shirt?

Before inflating your HERO make sure the correct size CO2 cartridge is installed. The shirt is inflated by pulling down sharply on the toggle. If your shirt has been inflated make sure you replace the cartridge so it is ready for use next time.

Can I orally inflate the shirt and auto inflate as well?

You should never inflate your HERO by the oral inflation tube and activate inflation via the CO2 cartridge at the same time. This could severely damage the inflation chamber and cause it to fail. 

Can I inflate the HERO shirt and add more air through the oral tube?

If you have activated the inflation of your HERO shirt via the CO2 cartridge and feel it needs more air you can blow into the oral inflation tube to “top up” the inflation chamber if required. 

What if it doesn’t inflate when I pull the cord?

If the shirt does not inflate you can manually inflate it by blowing into the oral inflation tube located in the opening on the right side of the shirt near your shoulder. You should also check to see that the cord is not tangled and is moving freely. If the shirt still fails to inflate you should not wear it until the problem has been identified and resolved.

How do I deflate my HERO shirt?

To deflate your Hero shirt locate the cap that is on the top of the oral inflation tube. Turn the cap over and push the raised section of the cap into the top of the tube. When this is being done you should be able to hear the CO2 escaping from the inflation chamber. While pressing the cap down on the oral tube gently press against your shirt to help expel all of the CO2. Make sure that your inflation chamber is completely deflated before activating your CO2 cartridge again.

How many times can I use the shirt before replacing the CO2 cartridge? 

Cartridges are not reusable, once used they should be replaced with a HERO certified CO2 cartridge and green safety clip before the shirt is worn again.

Can I use any cartridge?

HERO shirts use certified CO2 cartridges, you should only use a HERO certified cartridge when replacing spent cartridges. HERO certified cartridges have the correct amount of CO2 ensuring your shirt will inflate. Uncertified cartridges may fail to inflate your shirt to the correct level.

Where do I buy replacement cartridges?

HERO rearming kits (CO2 cartridges and green safety clips) are available through our online shop.

What size cartridge do I need?

It is vital to use the correct size CO2 replacement cartridge. Your HERO shirt was supplied with the correct volume cartridge. The cartridge size required for your shirt is printed on the inflation bladder.

Is my HERO shirt a lifejacket?

Your HERO shirt is registered as a PFD50 (buoyancy aid), life jackets are registered as PFD 100 and above. Check with your local authorities if you are unsure if it complies with what your intended use is.

Can I wash the HERO shirt?

Your HERO shirt can be hand washed in cold water with a gentle soap. Remove the inflation chamber prior to washing. Dry is a shaded location on a plastic coat hanger out of direct sunlight.

not use bleach or strong detergents.

Do not tumble dry.

Do not iron.                     

Can I use my HERO shirt as a cushion or pillow?

You should never sit on your HERO shirt or use it as a pillow either inflated or deflated. Sitting on your HERO shirt could severely damage it and cause it to fail. 

Can I use more than one cartridge to inflate my HERO?

You should never use more than 1 correct size cartridge to inflate your HERO. If your HERO failed to inflate fully you can use the oral inflation tube to add more air. Never add more CO2 by activating another CO2 cartridge, this could severely damage your shirt. 

Can I wear my HERO shirt inflated?

HERO shirts can be worn as a normal rash guard or inflated. You may want to inflate your shirt if you are not intending to enter the water.

Can I wear my HERO shirt under clothing?

Wearing your HERO shirt under clothing or a wetsuit may affect its performance and hinder its activation. Your HERO shirt can be worn over a tee shirt or wetsuit so long as it does not hinder its activation.

Can I wear my HERO shirt on a boat?

You should always check with your local authorities to find out what standard of protection is required when participating in any water-based activities.

What is the auto-activation sensing bobbin?

The water sensing bobbin in located on the bottom of the UML inflator. This component of the HERO shirt should only be used if you are not intending on entering the water (fishing from a jetty or the rocks etc). When fitted to the shirt it will self-activate the inflation of the shirt if you were to fall into the water.

The bottom of the bobbin will be green in colour if unused, if the auto sensing bobbin has been activated the bottom of the cartridge will show a red disc. The bobbin can only be used once, if activated it will need to be replaced with the correct UML part which is available through the HERO online shop.

How often do I need to replace the CO2 cartridge?

The CO2 cartridge should be replaced after activation or at least every 12months. CO2 cartridges have a shelf life and must be replaced at regular intervals with the correct size and certified HERO CO2 cartridge.

How often should I clean my HERO Shirt?

HERO shirts should be rinsed in fresh clean water after each use and placed on a plastic coat hanger to dry out of direct sunlight. It is recommended that special attention is paid to the UML inflator. Threads should be rinsed well removing any salt build up or sand and silt around the activator. 

Can I use my HERO Rash Guard in a pool?

HERO rash guards can be used in salt water, fresh water or in swimming pools. After each use your HERO Rash Guard should be rinsed well as per our cleaning instructions.

Can my child wear the HERO Rash Guard?

HERO Rash Guards are available from a child’s size 4 to an adults size XXL.

Wearing a HERO Rash Guard does not remove your responsibility as an adult to supervise your child at all times especially when around water.

What size HERO Rash Guard do I need?

When selecting your shirt size you would purchase the same size as you would when buying a Tee shirt. HERO Rash Guards are very flexible and will allow for expansion if you are between sizes. For best performance your Hero Rash Guard should be snug against your body when worn, the shirt should not be worn loose like a sloppy joe as it will not perform as intended.


Can I replace the shirt and inflation chamber?

If your HERO Rash Guard Shirt or inflation chamber has been damaged or the shirt has worn out you can buy a replacement through our online shop.

When ordering a replacement it is important that the correct size shirt or inflation chamber is used. The size of the shirt is printed on the label and the size of the inflation chamber is printed on it.


Can I partially inflate my HERO Rash guard?

HERO Rash Guards can be partially inflated, this can be very useful when learning to swim, snorkelling, surfing, water skiing etc. If your Hero is partially inflated you should not activate the CO2 cartridge at the same time as the extra volume in the inflation chamber could damage the chamber.

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