Our Story

Our mission is to bring innovation and technology to sportswear to make water-based activities safer for everyone. Every week people are drowning whilst participating in recreational water-based hobbies. There is a reluctance to wear bulky and uncomfortable life jackets as well as the stigma attached by wearing something that is not fashionable. We have produced a product that addresses all of these concerns so people not only look and feel comfortable but have buoyancy protection if required. 

Our Founders

John Scott - Founder & Director 

John is a proud husband and father of two girls. He’s also a director and founder of Hero Products with his cousin Peter Oliver. Over the years John has owned and run several businesses, but none quite as exciting as Hero Products. 

John’s love of the water comes from spending childhood summers on the beach — which often involved participation in a wide range of water sports. Now John has dedicated himself to making activities in the water safer with the HERO Inflatable Rash Guard.

Peter Oliver - Co-Founder & Director 

Peter Oliver is a director and co-founder of Hero Products. Peter and his cousin John have worked together in a variety of small businesses over the years. 

Peter spent 20 years working as a professional firefighter before John approached Peter about the HERO Inflatable Rash Guard. Peter’s thoughts immediately went to the time he and his family spend Dragon Boating and the safety of his fellow competitors.

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