Flying with HERO

CO2 cartridges are regarded as hazardous material in air travel. The IATA has set that up to four CO2 cartridges may be carried on an airplane. However, this is at the discretion of the airline and the pilot and we recommend checking with your specified airlines prior to travel. lf the cartridge is not installed there are no special transportation require­ments or restrictions.

According to IATA, up to 4 16g CO2 cartridges are permitted on board:

  • inside carry-on baggage
  • inside checked-in baggage
  • carried on body

While this is an official regulation, not all grounded personnel are aware of this and it is ultimately at the discretion of the airlines.

Follow these steps for seamless airline travel:

  • Declare to the airline before departure tele­phone). You should do this directly after the booking or at latest 48 h prior departure. Ask the airline for a confirmation (Email / written), and carry a copy with you.
  • Transport the HERO Rash Vest & CO2 Cartridges Separately. Store CO2-cartridges in a separate pouch - Up to 4 CO2-cartridges per person may be carried on an aircraft. Store the CO2-car­tridges in a plastic bag with clasp (Like hygiene products/liquids).



** TSA Permits CO2 Cylinders

In 2006, the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) in the United States permitted CO2 Cylinders with an inflatable PFD to pass through their security checkpoints, only to reverse that decision roughly 45 days later when the liquids and gels terrorist plot broke open.

Effective August 4, 2007, the TSA again permits the CO2 cylinders with an Inflatable PFD through their security checkpoints. The permission process this time went through the White House and Congress. It is expected that this approval will stay in place much longer due to a much broader approval process. TSA Screeners across the United States have been trained already and are prepared to let these through. Look under "Disabling Chemicals & Other Dangerous Items" for specifics check here:

Remember though, it is still each airlines choice whether to allow these on their airplanes and each sets their own policies (roughly 1/2 allow them and 1/2 don't). Check with your airline (and connecting or return flights) or their websites to make sure they allow them before you travel.


Airline regulation changes regularly and we recommend checking with your local travel authority prior to travel.

Here is the current TSA Prohibited Items List



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