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How HERO Works

Designed for all water sports, the HERO Inflatable rash vest inflates in seconds with the pull of its rip-cord, or automatically when you hit the water if the water-sensing cartridge is installed. 


The HERO has multiple inflation options: 

Manual Inflation 

Pull the Rip Cord to Activate the CO2 Canister and turn your Rash Vest into a Life Jacket 

Ideal for sports in the water like wakeboarding, kayaking, stand-up paddleboarding, body boarding, snorkeling, surfing 


Automatic Inflation / Submersion 

If you'd like the HERO to inflate automatically if you hit the water, replace the blanking cap with the water-sensing cartridge to activate this feature. 

Ideal for sports like fishing or boating. 

Oral Inflation 

If you'd like to add a little buoyancy to your vest you can do this with the oral inflator. 

Ideal for sports like body boarding and swimming 


How Oral Inflation Works 

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