Investment Opportunity

Are you ready to be a part of a global revolution in the water safety and apparel industry? 

This revolution in water safety apparel is seeking investors.

We are a young brand looking to disrupt the life jacket and water safety market, which by 2021 is expected to grow to over USD$1 Billion Globally.

Our mission is to bring innovation and technology to sportswear to make water-based activities safer for everyone. Every week people are drowning whilst participating in recreational water-based hobbies.

There is a reluctance to wear bulky and uncomfortable life jackets. We have produced a product that addresses all of these concerns so people not only look and feel comfortable but have buoyancy protection if required.



The HERO Inflatable Rash Guard was designed for all water sports. It is a rash guard and ISO Certified Buoyancy aid all in one! This high-performance rash guard gives you all the benefits of a rash guard, including comfort, SPF protection, full range of motion. It is so comfortable you'll completely forget you have it on. The HERO has already received international acclaim for its innovation, Winner of ISPO Brandnew 2019 in Apparel - a prestigious award from the largest platform for sporty start-ups worldwide, previous winners include Go-Pro & Naish Kites.

Business Model


Over the past year, HERO has built a robust and scalable business, partnering with the best manufacturers and logistic partners available. Now with certifications, a fantastic product and scaleable operations we are ready to launch in a big way.


We will have a soft launch of our products in the APAC Market in - Summer 2020, followed by the major launch of our products in the US Market. Our business has 2 components: Direct to Consumer - Via E-Commerce and Marketing places, reaching our target marketings inclduing: Water Sport Enthusiasts, Parents, Disabilities Markets and Tourism. And our business to business where we will provide water safety to Government Bodies (Water Police Customs, Coast Guard, Surf Life Saving, and Emergency Services) and Sports Clubs & Associations (SUP, Surf, Canoeing, Fishing, etc.).

Mission & Objectives


We are on a mission to save lives by making water safer and more accessible for everyone.

Business Objectives

The last 12 months has given us a lot of insight about what our customers need and what model works best for us going forward. With funds raised, we plan to accelerate our growth: - By September 2020, we plan on having our Coast Guard Certification Finalized. - Broaden market penetration among various watersport markets, surfing, kite surfing, tourism etc. - Expand US Launch with investment in advertising and influencer collaboration




The global life jacket market is expected to reach USD $1 Billion by 2021.


There are a number of factors driving demand in this sector: 

  • Increasing Focus on Preventing Marine Fatalities
  • Growing Popularity of water-based tourism —
Trends impacting the market:
  • Focus on styling of PFDs
  • Innovation in PFDs
Outside of the PFD Market, the HERO Inflatable Rash Guard can be used in a number cases which do not require a life jacket but are still hazardous (i.e. surfing, swimming) or provide an immediate increase in the quality of life (i.e water therapy, disabilities), totalling over USD $100 Billion.
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